Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching will support your leaders in becoming aware of their strengths and opportunities for enhancement and assist them in reaching their potential.

On an organisational level, coaching programs are often required at a time of significant growth or transition. Companies that implement coaching programs are rewarded by a more effective, committed and focused leadership which will deliver enhanced employees’ engagement.
Executive coaching supports and leverages leadership skills and builds leadership capability through goal clarity, focused strategy implementation, problem-solving, reflection and self–awareness. It provides an excellent, accelerated learning medium that supports individuals to implement personal and organisational changes.

Inspired Development has a reputation for excellence in the field of Executive coaching and mentoring. We provide coaching solutions to a broad range of organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Inspired Development Solutions team of coaches are highly skilled and have the expertise to establish trusting coaching relationships that result in personal transformation. The emphasis is on empathic listening and a focus on practical and real solutions. Inspired Development Solutions use a range of leadership development tools and processes to support senior executives on their journey to maximise their leadership potential.

Our team of coaches represents a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of individual developmental strategies. They come from diverse backgrounds, each with expertise in a range of work environments and with a high level of knowledge in the field of therapy and psychology.