Building Resilient Individuals, Teams & Organisations

Building Resilient Individual Teams & Organisations

Resilience is a crucial ingredient in high performance and organisational effectiveness. Inspired Development Solutions has carried out extensive research into resilience in the workplace discovering that it is vital for the delivery of transformational leadership and organisational improvement. As part of our research, we have also developed and validated a range of critical strategies for building resilience.

As a result, we have been able to assist leaders, teams and organisations to enhance their ability to adapt and bounce from change while maintaining health and well-being. We know that our developmental strategies work and have statistically validated them in through research.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to create a transformation in resilience levels. Resilience development strategies include identifying levels with validated measurement tools and delivering developmental strategies to enhance resilience.

  • For individuals – measuring and maintaining personal resilience to ensure a positive impact on others
  • For leaders – measuring and maintaining personal resilience to provide effective management of sources of pressure for a team(s) (including leadership impact)
  • For teams – measuring and maintaining resilience to balance the pressure on teams (including the combined impact of individual resilience levels and organisational pressure).
  • For the organisation – measuring and maintaining resilience within the organisation and aligning systems and procedures to build and sustain resilience.

When resilience is in place, individuals, teams and organisations will adapt and thrive, and transformation can occur. At Inspired Development Solutions we are passionate about developing resilience and understand the importance of this critical dispositional attribute in ensuring organisational excellence.

We have developed a series of diagnostics to support individuals, teams and organisations in evaluating resilience levels. The diagnostics below will allow you to assess levels of resilience and support you in identifying the aspects that require development.