Conference Speaking

Conference Speaking

Lynda Folan is an International Speaker and Organisational Consultant based in Perth.

Lynda is described as one of the “Leading experts in Leadership and Organisational Development.” With her in-depth knowledge of the Psychology of Work, her extensive experience in working with organisations to deliver enhanced outcomes and her extensive research on Leadership and Resilience, she can deliver a unique and insightful contribution to any business conference.

Lynda has developed a bespoke model of Leadership Resilience that is transforming the leadership agenda across the globe. She brings fresh ideas that are supported by robust research that is delivered in an engaging and dynamic style.

One key to the demand for Lynda’s presentations lies in the fact that he partners with organisations, to create systemic change that improved the organisation and its people. Lynda’s insights are therefore based on real-life experience of delivering change in organisation and supported by theory and research.

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